iHome-controlling home loads through Internet

Given the future potential of Internet of Things (IoT), Here is the my first project on IoT—iHome

iHome Web Page
iHome Web Page


The purpose of this project is to explore the ways to control home loads using Internet. There are many ways we can accomplish this task, but I will explain about two ways here.

In both ways we will control the loads using a web page which can be opened in any browser. because it is a web page we can access it from mobiles also.


1.Using Port forwarding:

In this method we will just have a server on our home computer and we need to forward the port on which server is running, so that we can access the web pages on internet.

The communication between home computer and microcontroller is provided using usb-uart converter (cp2012).

2.Using a Relay server which is already present on the Internet:

In this method there is no need to do port forwarding , having internet connection is sufficient. I used Yaler relay for my project.(yaler.net)

” The Yaler relay infrastructure enables secure Web access to embedded systems in a mobile network or hidden behind a firewall or NAT”

The Yaler just forward the all the HTTP requests from client  to the registered device and forwards the response from device to the clients.

iHome hardware
iHome hardware

You can find more about YalerPotocol here 

Hardware used :

Atmega8 controller

USB-UART conveter(cp2012)

Computer with a internet connection

We can accomplis this task with out using computer also by using a ethernet to uart converter..but it is easy to use computer when we are testing the concept


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