Tuesday Technology Thoughts – Text Editors

Whether one uses all features of windows(or other) OS , but certainly one will use one of the text editors. It is handy to add text, modify the text etc.. This blog is an attempt to write about text editors’ evolution.

Though there many text editors, first and simple one is notepad.. Apart from Solitaire game, most used application is notepad.
Note pad lacks many advanced features , word wrap is the major function. Some use wordpad to edit the quicktext to have few additional features. Though there are many rich IDEs available, sometimes programmers tend to use quick editors to refer their code. Thus come the need for texteditors to support other programmer’s requirements.


There can be many criteria to choose the text editors.

  • Cost – Many are free (atom, emacs,vim)
  • Specific program support
  • Ease of use
  • Compatible keys with other suites ( For example, F5 is search key in Textpad, Ctrl+f will not work. I hate this different keys)
  • OS (In this blog, I considered only windows operating system)

My choice is ATOM. Off late, after installing Atom, I had not used other editors.

It is free and supports many programming languages. It is hackable code base from Github.
More details http://blog.atom.io/2015/06/25/atom-1-0.html


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