What will happen to Mobile application developers after 9 years in 2025?

We are seeing lot of applications today from Appstore, playstore ..

However I have few doubts will this trend will continue forever, and my doubts are already verified in this blog – App boom is over


Will this picture become reality soon ? 2020 or 2025,, most likely NO new apps will be developed.

I see four major threats for mobile apps
1. IoT based techniques
2. Chat service/ conversation based services
3. Old enemy – Web based apps
4. Personal assistants

IoT based techniques :

Let me start with the use Amazon Dash type of buttons which can make instant, contextual help – Thus the need for new app is reduced.
Take a case for example, after completing stock check, one has to enter details in the app. But now, camera based services or sensor based services can enable to send the note of completeness than opening an app and entering few values.
Another industrial case, mechanic checks oil values and enters into the maintenance app, now the oil level can be monitored automatically with out the person ( When person himself not required, not to mention about his app)
And no worries about paltforms (Android (many inner versions) Ios (many inner versions) and sizes

Chat services/conversation based service:

Telegram launched its bot services in June 2015. With in one year, there are many developers and so many bots (Bots are third-party applications that run inside Telegram. Users can interact with bots by sending them messages, commands)
These bots are easy for the consumers/users as well to the developers. Bots by default takes care its own security by encryption. Telegram encourages and offers prizes for bot developers. Facebook offers similar platform.from APril 12 , 2016 (late in the game)

Google now cards can give contextual services to reduce the need for apps.

Old Enemy – web based applications (RWD)
With RWD, many prefer to go back to websites than to apps. at least for the different sizes of devices, it can give same feel.

Personal assistants (voice based commands)

Recent personal assistants are equal to more than 1000 apps. Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google. When apps make one tied to a place (virtual Jail ??) , Personal assistants use voice based commands so the user is hands free and can do multiple tasks. So the PA will be preferred than app.

So I think, App development will slowly die.. But my question is: What will happen to those app developers..?

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