WoW…Spring Boot

Last time I did something on J2EE was 3 years back, later moved on to nodejs and never had to go back to J2EE. I was much better in java than javascript when i moved to nodejs. The ease of using nodejs modules and the npm kind of gave the boost to improve my JS skills.

Last week one of my friend showed me a webapp he built using springboot. He told me that you don’t need to deploy the WAR file, because spingboot embeds all the required JARs and you final package just runs if it could find a JVM on target machine (with JAVA9 you can even package JVM as well), and more than that setting up a project with springboot is super easy. The code looked elegant mostly due to JAVA8s functional features. If he wants to share the project with me, he simple share it …no server setup is required on my just runs..

To try spring boot, you just goto provide some project meta data and your project setup is ready, in no time I am up and running with my helloworld project(yeah, maven took its own sweet time to pull all the dependencies as my maven cache was literally empty)



I believe springboot is worth giving a try..


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