ESP32 : Creating task using FreeRTOS

In this blog we will see how to create a FreeRTOS task on ESP32 , we will also see how to load the code using just MINGW command line. If you haven’t setup your dev environment for ESP32 , you can follow this post (if you just want to use text editors , you can ignore the part related setting-up eclipse).


When ever we are writing a blinking led program we will put the logic in the main loop. Instead of writing the logic for blinking LED on main loop , we will create separate method (blink_task) for that.We will use this method to create task. Task creation on FreeRTOS is very easy. We can ask FreeRTOS to create a separate task and give blink_task as entry point, this task will have its own stack

Task Creation

we are using  xTaskCreate (entry method, task name,stack depth,prameters to the task,priority,task handle)  to create new task. you can read more about this method here


In the blink task we will set the direction of GPIO 16 to OUTPUT , and toggle it on every iteration in the while loop



open MINGW console and export the IDF path

export IDF_PATH=~/esp-idf

mkdir blinking_led

touch Makefile

mkdir main

cd main

touch blinking_led.c


Open the Makefile and pase the following contents

PROJECT_NAME := blinking_led
include $(IDF_PATH)/make/

Open the blinking_led.c file and paste the code from above gist.

now switch to blinking_led folder and run the following commands (if menuconfig screen opens up, select appropriate COM port)


make flash

make monitor


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