Getting started with Arduino 101(Intel Curie)

It is very easy to add Intel Curie plugin to the Arduino IDE and program Arduino 101. You need Arduino IDE version 1.6.7 or higher.

Some of the features of the Arduino 101

  • Arduino 101 controller operates on 3v3, the IO’s are 5v tolerant.(2o mA max current on each IO line)
  • Digital IO – 14 (4 pins supports PWM), ¬†Analog IO-6
  • 6 Axis accelerometer, Bluetooth LE
  • Flash-196 kB,SRAM- 24 kB,Clock – 24 MHz

you can read more about Arduino 101 here

just got Tools->Board->Boards Manager , then select Intel Curie.


Click on Intel Curie, you will get option to install it.

Intel Curie

Once you are done with the installation, you can run the blink program to test your new Arduino 101 board.

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