Intel Edison Temperature Logger With RBG-LCD

We have already seen how to connect temperature sensor to edison and display the values on LCD. In this blog I will take it a bit further.

In this blog we will implement the following features

1. Change the color of the LCD back-light as per temperature

2. Log the data in a CSV file for offline analysis

3 upload the data to a remote server when sync button is pressed (we will add a hardware button to our setup)

we will be logging our data with the time-stamps, if you are powering the Edison from mains, then you need add a backup battery for RTC.

The temperature reading will be taken every 5 seconds, and LCD will be updated with the new reading. The new reading will also be saved in a file along with the time-stamp. When the sync button is pressed, the file will be uploaded to server and file contents will be removed after uploading to the server

Setup :

We need the following hardware

1. intel edison with arduino breakout

2. touch sensor

3. temperature sensor

4. Grove LCD – RGB Backlight

Connect LCD to I2C port, connect touch sensor to D2, then connect temperature sensor to A0

The implementation is simple , (please note that possible error cases are not handled )

put this code in some file and run it (make sure you have all the dependencies). The program will start taking sample and when ever you press the touch button, the samples taken until that point will be sent to server and old samples are deleted.



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