loading image to Intel d2000 board


In this blog we will see how to load .elf file generated by eclipse to intel d2000

first you need get the drivers right for your board. The board may be detected by the system as COM port. If you so you may not be able to load the image

You can use zadig tool to install the correct driver.

Installing winusb driver for intel d2000
Installing winusb driver for intel d2000

after installation of WinUSB driver , the device will be shown as USB devices in Device Manger


if you are loading the code for the first time you might want to update the ROM image.

Loading code to Intel D2000:

Open command prompt and navigate to the installation directory of the Intel System Studio (ISSM)

Open a terminal to run JTAG-OpenOCD: (navigate to the installation root of the ISSM)

bin\openocd -f scripts\board\quark_d2000_onboard.cfg

openocd connecting to d2000
openocd connecting to intel d2000 microcontroller


Open a second terminal to connect GDB to port 3333 source (navigate to the installation root of the ISSM), the .elf file will be generated when you build your project.


target remote localhost:3333
monitor gdb_breakpoint_override hard
set remotetimeout 30
monitor clk32M
file C:/IntelSWTools/ISSM_2016.0.022/firmware/bsp/1.0/examples/hello_world/debug/quark_d2000/obj/hello_world.elf
monitor reset




@Source: issm_user_ref_guide.htm (available along with the system studio installation), for more information about compilation and command line tools , you can refer the same

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