Make FM transmitter from Raspberry Pi

FM radio is better entertainment system than television. Because one can do other things while listening. But in FM radio, I am forced to listen to the songs played by FM stations. So I thought of making FM transmitter from Raspberry Pi. Thus I can play song list from Pi, but I listen from FM headphone.

Required hardware:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Simple wire (which is used as Antenna)
  • FM receiver like FM radio
  • (little bit of brain and lot of energy and interest)

Required Software:

  • PiFMPlay software by Mikael-Jakhelln
  • ffmpeg codecs

Hardware setup :

Connect antenna wire at GPIO 4

Software setup and running

Install Software using following command

cd ~



Unzip the contents into /home/pi , then run the following commands

cd /home/pi/pifmplay
sudo chmod +x pifm
sudo chmod +x pifmplay

sudo sh pifmplay "/path/to/folder/anysound.file" 91.3

First parameter to pifmplay script is mp3 file and second parameter is frequency to which song is broadcast

Tune your FM radio to that frequency to listen

Note : transmitting power of our antenna is very small, so it doesn’t cause any disruption to actual FM services, but one should note that it is illegal to transmit on licenced spectrum



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