In a recent hackathon my team developed an application that can be used in lifts , to improve the user experience.

Along with Arvind Raman, Sankar, Sachin Ranka, I participated in a local Hackathon and reached into Top 5 positions.


Design Thinking behind the app:

Everyone wants to know whats happening in that floor, If they know before going, it helps.
Utility info like ATMs, Restrooms, Smoke free zones etc are often inquired in any floor. Also added fun features like quiz, HSE tips. Fire exit plan, floor map are shown.
Entire working application model is built and ready to use. One click upload facility is built so that update of content can be made quickly.


Backend hardware integration of buttons with API,
1920*1024 supported display
Wifi availability
Internet connectivity

Tech stack used:

Hardware: Raspberry pi to provide HDMI display
Software: Nodejs,WebSockets,MQTT

Watch this video to know more:



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