Tuesday Technology Thoughts – Super Brain

There are lot many topics to cover under Tuesday technology thoughts…
I was mentally making this list – few topics I stored in my laptop and rest in my One+1
When I started to choose the topic, I need not have to check both my mobile and laptop, but my brain.
It triggered a new thought….in my “brain”..

Laptop or mobile has dedicated stipulated RAM, Hard disk, processor etc..

  1. Size varies
  2. Speed varies
  3. Color varies
  4. Thickness varies
  5. capacity varies

Hence there are different models of Hard disks, RAM, Chips, displays and so on..,

On the other side, Brain almost remains same in all human being, still how it makes variation.

Different profile setting possible in Mobile phone.. (home or office)
Authorization happens by keys/fingerscan /shapes


So the question is whether Left hand side = Right hand side?

From info-graphic above, I would imagine singularity not visible even in 2050…
Well, that is just my view… Do you may want to give your perspective?

Yes, you may be seeing this blog on your laptop or handheld device, but your brains reads it and acts on it.., Isn’t it?

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