Behind the scenes – What you see at retail stores?

I successfully completed the course on “Design and make infogrpahics completed the course on “Design and make infogrpahics” conducted by MIchigan state university. This course taught use of maps, charts, graphs, fonts and design. Ever since I completed this course, I want to build infographic.

Here I took two cases

Life of Pig and Muscosth Halwa

Both are sold at retail stores. We buy and eat. I went a step ahead and understood more about these packets and wanted to know what is happening behind the scenes.

It is interesting to know about these two items

Through out life Pig carries an id.
Live stock id
Group growth id
slaughter house id
package id

Similarly, when I searched for Muscoth halwa, I found interesting video from NEws7 on how to make Muscoth alwa. Muscoth in Sinhalese means Coconut milk.
This process involves three steps
Making coconut milk
Making maida milk
Heat it for 2 hours along with sugar

Given below is the infographic explaining details


Muscoth Halwa

Being vegetarian, I am not fully sure about life of pig story. If someone points any correction, I will change the picture.

Let me know your thoughts about these behind the screens information

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