Setting up LinkIt ONE Development environment

LinkIt ONE is a all in one IoT devboard from Media Tek. It contains every thing one may need to develop an IoT application. Some features of LinkIt ONE are BLE,GSM,GPRS,GPS,WiFi,SD card and Audio. You can read more about LinkIt ONE here. You can write LinkIt ONE application Arduino IDE or eclipse cpp IDE. In this post we will see how to develope in Arduino IDE.

  1. You need to have the 1.5.7 version of Arduino
  2. Get the LinkIt ONE SDK from here and install it (It may ask for .NET 3.5 allow it download )
  3. Connect LinkIt ONE to PC(The programming control button should be in UART mode -Normal BoothUp,Power button in USB mode,SPI mode)
  4. Run Arduino IDE and select LinkIt ONE (Tools->Board)

Device manager will show two COM ports when you connect the LinkIt ONE to PC.To program the device you should select the USB debug port.

LinkIt ONE COM port
LinkIt ONE COM port


Now you are ready to upload the your first project, the Blink program from arduino examples. LinkIt ONE is having three buttons to control the modes. The switch positions should be as shown below for blink program to work.

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