Information security policies could have saved BAHUBALI

If below Information security policies are implemented properly, Bahubali could have been saved from death.

  1. Information security breach
  2. Identity theft
  3. Lack of Security incident
  4. Compromised root access

Information security breach:

When Bahubali wants to keep his love with Devasena as secret, but he failed to keep this information. This input is leaked to Bhallal deva. He then twisted and managed to turn this input into his favor.
Classifying the information as confidential, public and keeping appropriate security measures to protect the information could have prevented leak of this vital information
Lesson : Any information is important and vital. Classifying them into 4 categories and making necessary protection is critical. This Bahabali story is proof that mere single information can take one’s life

Identity theft/Phishing attach:

Guided by Intelligent Bijiladeva, “Son of Sivagami” card is played in all the scenes when men from SIvagami visited Kundaladesh. Masking the right identity by putting common features, made Kattappa confused and he believed Son of Sivagami referred “only” to Bahabali. This is sort of identity theft by applying phishing attack.
Lesson: When there is confusion , seek for information. Phishing attackers make all attempts to look the webpage similar to that of original page. Looking the right inputs like SSL at the URL bar is critical to get away from these attacks.

Lack of Security incident

When Maravarman found that someone tried killing Bahubali, he started following them and fell prey to Bijiladeva’s drama. When security violation is seen, he could have reported as Security incident in the system like informing Katappa and Bahubali about them. Had he informed Katappa, Bahubali could have been saved from murder charges.

Lesson : Whenever there is breach, report it immediately as security incident. Do not attempt to solve on your own.

Compromised root access

In the palace, there is secret passage. This input is known only to clan of King. But this vital information is leaked to all including Maravarman. This is similar to root access. Sivagami is intelligent enough to discard the dramas – but two evidences 1. Maravarman used secret root 2. He was carrying knife of Bahubali. So she has to give death sentence to Bahubali
Lesson: Compromised, unprotected root access (secret passage to palace) is root cause of the problem. Adhere to the security policies while handling root access like strong password, change often etc..,

Message :

Information security policies are very important and critical. Non compliance can lead to total debacle of the system. Magizhmathi which is well protected by nature (forest, river) can be destroyed if security is not followed properly. Hence as associates of big organization, it is each one of our responsibility to protect the information and follow security guidelines correctly be it physical or digital

For now , Updating the right virus signature is first step to get away with Wannacry type of virus attacks.

What are the other lessons you learned from Bahubali 1 & 2?

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