Programming CC2541 mini DK

In this blog we will see how to make an example application and load it to the keyfob.

First we need to install the IAR workbench for 8051 and you need smartRF flash software as well, to load the hex file to the target board. Download it and install it.

now you can open the example projects in IAR, if you have followed this blog and installed BLE SDK, you will have the sample projects in the following location (version might be different)

C:\Texas Instruments\BLE-CC254x-\Projects\ble\KeyFob\CC2541DB

Open the project,if asked to update the project click ok

In the default keyfob application , you will receive a value of 1 if you press B4 , now we will change the value and load the new code.

Once the change has been made , make the project

hex file will be available in the following location

C:\Texas Instruments\BLE-CC254x-\Projects\ble\KeyFob\CC2541DB\CC2541DK-mini Keyfob Slave\Exe

Connect the CC debugger with the keyfob,the status LED on CC debugger will turn to green from red if the keyfob is connected to it. Install CC debugger driver if not already done.

by default CC debugger will not supply power to the target board, so you have connect insert the battery into the keyfob, remove the CC debugger connection with the target board once the programming of the target board is done to save the battery.

Open the smartRF flash software and load the hex file.


Once loaded disconnect the CC debugger from keyfob and reset the keyfob. From Btool connect to the keyfob and enable notification for keypress , now if you press the B4 key , you will get a value of 21



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